Friday, February 6, 2015

7 Habits Camp

It is really an awesome camp. I learn more about the right attitude towards my life. Although the camp is just 3 days 2 night, all the 7 habits are covered.

Perspective or paradigm is very important. Many things have different outcome if paradigm changes. I totally agree with this. It reminds me on a saying, life is just like a mirror, you smile and your reflection smiles; you cry and it cries too. In other words, mindset is very important and this is also why many people undergo the same incident or process but have different outcome. This is because how we see things will affect what we do and then what we get. See things in a positive perspective and the world will be wonderful.

The first habit is be proactive. Stop complaining and be responsible of your choice as that is what you have chosen to be because you have the freedom and power to change the situation. So, now before I make any decisions, I will stop and think about the pros and cons before I response. Besides, I also learnt that I cannot control what others think about me, but I can control myself. So, I should let others influence me too much.

Setting a goal is very important in our life, no matter it is long-term or short-term. In habit 2, I learnt that I must get a very clear goal and keep that in mind by having a Personal Mission Statement. Hence, I will write my goal down and plan what can be done to achieve it. This is also why I am now using a planner to schedule what I want to achieve and what I need to do.

This also leads to habit 3 which is Put First Things First, basically time management. By focusing what is important, I will plan my time based on the priorities so that I am able to achieve my goals. I found that I really need to say “No” to many things as I would like to have both world in hands, I spent a lot of my time in my CCAs and building friendship but neglected my studies. As this semester is not S/U-able like last semester, I need study harder to achieve better grades. My goal is to score well in this semester so I need to make changes to achieve it.

It is true that cooperating is better than competing and hence think for a win-win situation, empathic communication and collaborations are very important. To practice these habits, I will need to be more considering, use emphatic listening skills and seek for third alternative in order to have a better results and stronger relationship. This are skills and attitude that I really needed especially in group project. In many cases, I think I am too rational, I don’t understand and empathy, now I am learning to put myself in others’ shoes so that I can build closer relationships.

The last habit mentioned is sharpen the saw which focus more on self-renewal. I knew that I need to continually improve myself so that I am be more competence. So from time to time, I will set goals and plan time for myself to recharge myself. Studies and future is important but I do need to take care of my body, soul and mind in order to success in life.

Throughout this camp, I not only learn how to be an effective person but get to know many new friends, although most of us are taking the same module and staying in CAPT, we don’t really know each other as most of them are in year 2. So, I took this opportunity to know them and hopefully we can work well in the future projects.

I am really glad that I can attend this camp, it is a very hands-on camp as we can apply all the habits we learnt in the team building games which is related to real life scenario. I would like to thank everyone who organized this camp as they spent their wonderful weekends to let me learn more about the 7 effective habits which will be very useful for my whole life. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014


When we do things no matter work or voluntary, we want to get the credit. We want to be praised. We want to be acknowledge by others. It is normal to have such thoughts.

Even in university, we can also do credit transfer for our module/subject. Some of us night be doing an overseas summer school and one of the important things that we will take note is whether can the module be counted in our home university, in other words that it credit transfer. Indeed we want to experience different culture and learning environment in overseas, yet we also hope that we won't waste our time and money. So many university students Wil attend a summer school that can be credit transfer.

Give credit to others. In academic writing, we need to do citation. Basically means we code the author or the title of the article and acknowledge their contribution. Of we don't do so, it is consider an act of plgarism and it is a crime.

In daily life, how many of us is willing to give credit to others? Especially in working world, will you do a proposal and at the bottom of it is signed by others?

C and my life


As human beings, we do complaint! We complaint many things,from public transport, goverment policy, education system to the service of the restaurant, friends or even parents. Admit it , it has became part of my life.

Why we complaint? On the bright side, will have improvement. When we complaint about something, the authority party will take note and try to solve it or improve it!  A good example is when we complaint that the cleanliness of the toilet, the cleaning company will make sure that the cleaners keep the washroom clean.

People complaint when we are not satisfied, when we are angry. Hence, what time are we using? We will voice out with a rude, impolite tone! So, what will the being complained party feel? They will be unhappy, disappointed or even angry !!

In other words, when we complaint, we are literally transferring the "anger" to another party so that we can be "cool".

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Malaysia. Malaysian?

When MH 370 happened, I am still proud to stay that I am a Malaysian, then MH 17 I still being around to be a Malaysian

Born in Malaysia and lived there ever since I wa born. I really love Malaysia. Everyone is so good. Staying in a multiracial society, I visit my Muslim nieighbour during hari raya and go to my Hindu friends' house for deepavali. My best friend during secondary was the Indian girl sitting beside me for 3 years. Everything in Malaysia is so good and it is indeed the best place to be in the world except the Politics.

I came Singapore for my degree end of this July. Whenever I tell a person that I am from Malaysia, they will ask me do I feel discriminated being a Chinese in Malaysia as there is too many unfairness. I always replied, NOPE because I don't feel I am discriminated but only the BUMI HAVE SPECIAL RIGHTS!

Yup, special rights. There are Bumiputera lots which is lower cost for housing, more government substidation, higher chance to enter government university, special scholarship (MARA), special Education like Boarding Schools ans special Programs and etc.

No doubt, all these special rights are stated in the constitution, there is nothing to can be change. Since young, I know Bumis have special rights so I don't really feel anything. I don't feel discriminated not isolated. However, I don't see myself as a MINORITY as well as I know that Malaysia is belongs  to all Malaysian! We own our country, Malaysia!  We are Malaysian!

I am so sad that whenever I was told I, as a Malaysia Chinese, am just a foregeiner (in Malay : Pendatang) and this land belongs to the Malays. I am holding a Malaysia passport, isn't Malaysia my country, my land? Isn't it as stated in the national song "negaraku, tanah tumpah darahku" ?

Right for their rights? In my opinion, Bumiputera already have their special rights, isn't it? What are these politics parties trying to do? Building a better Malaysia or creating trouble? It is benefiting the peeople or just for their own sakes? They are not trying to get us together instead separating us! Should these so called religion/race based politics parties protects our rights by creating a peceful country?

What is ONE MALAYSIA when we are separated by our race, religion and skin colour! Is 1 Malaysia only a slogan to attract foreign investment? Is these so called goverment party trying to separate us? Why they want to do so? Isn't all of us Malaysian?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Wrong Pre-U program? To me, taking SAM is the best choice i ever made! Indeed, I suffered during the process but i learnt a lot and grow a lot ! 
If you prefer something like Malaysia Education system then you should go for A level! Australia Education system needs you to apply your knowledge, not just understanding what you are learning! If learning to you is just for score A in EXAM, then it is not suitable for you! 
Why the entry requirement using ATAR is high? Because it is based on World-ranking (ie. Bell-curve), 3A-2B+ is already ATAR 94.25 Besides, the content of SAM is less than A level and hence it is relatively easier.
However, it is true that SAM is not that internationally recognized! if you take SAM, you should be aiming to go Australia or maybe private Uni in Malaysia. UK and singapore do accept SAM results but some need to take certain test. 
In my university, it is very RARE to see people entering uni with SAM but it doesn't mean you cannot enter with it. 
Choose a Pre-u that is suitable for you, don't make the WRONG choice.
if you choose SAM, then make Your choice RIGHT!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

D'good cafe

This place is cozy and comfortably
It is located holland village and is on the 2nd and 3rd floor

After swimming and washing up, shu qing and I were hungry.
As we are sick of u town food, time to go out for brunch( technically it is 11.30 am )
Shu qing recommended d'food cafe which I saw in it the net last night

We took a bus then Mrt to this cafe
Sitting on the swing, looking at the view of holland village is how we spend our morning
The place was rather crowded.
Some reading , some chilling....

We took numerous of 📷!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I little sharing on what I get from pastor last week!


1. God wants to prosper and provide for his children. God is a good God. Father God loves us so much and he wants us to be like him.God is a provider, he is out father and he will provide

"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children"

2. God wants to transfer wealth of a sinner to the righteous


God gives us the power to get wealth. He gave us the opportunity!

3. The transferred wealth is to establish his covenant

4. God is looking for faithful steward

5. God's test of our faithfulness ia out tithe